Rituals Deluxe CD Album

Rituals Deluxe CD Album

Rituals is the result of throwing out the ‘Deaf Havana rulebook’: first; James picked the song titles, second; he wrote tracks that fit the theme of those titles, third; everything was written on the computer, then the band came in to play all the parts.  Working like this felt like working backwards to James, who had previously only written songs on his acoustic guitar, with continuous input from the rest of the band. They set themselves a deadline of April to finish writing, and if any of it was any good, they would make it available by August.  No more waiting half a decade for people to finally hear any music.

  • Album gift box design 
  • Contains 15 double-sided track cards 
  • Audio disc within a card wallet and includes 2 bonus tracks


2. Sinner
3. Ritual
4. Hell
5. Holy
6. Saviour
7. Fear
8. Pure
9. Evil
10. Heaven
11. Worship
12. Saint
13. Epiphany
14. Cr33pin (Bonus Track)
15. Narcissus (Bonus Track)

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